Moving properties can be costly and can yield little return. Sometimes the answer to acquiring more space can be found by extending your existing property. Therefore, if you are looking to add extra space an extension could be the answer.

Anthony Britton Construction is committed to delivering exceptional finishes on all sizes and shapes of extensions and we are confident we can transform your home. Whether you are intending on a major extension or a smaller vision we can help you navigate through the legalities, logistics and process from start to finish.

We can provide expert advice on what is achievable and offer suggestions that can help enhance your project and overall vision. Ultimately, any extension needs to integrate with your existing home and to achieve the results you hope for may involve remodelling the ground floor layout. This is a key strength of the company, with over 25 years’ experience, we have carried out traditional brick-built extensions to the more modern glass structures.

We can help you consider what your budget can achieve and ensure you create the space you want at a price you feel comfortable paying. We intend to deliver the wow factor but as a responsible company we are mindful of people’s budgets and ensure we work with our clients to achieve the best outcome for the project and budget.

Please contact us on: 07931551330 or complete our enquiry form.